Milos Petkovic (born 1961 in Zemun, Serbia) is fascinated by light and atmosphere which is the driving force for him to paint. He specialised in watercolors, loving the sense of freedom and spontaneity that this medium offers. His work is based on experience gained during his extensive traveling all over the world.  Combining architecture and basic living elements, Petkovic brings a story and message of simple city life to the eyes of his audience.
After Serbia and New Zealand, he currently lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.


In a search for methods to ‘read the city’, Petkovic investigates the dynamics of cityscape. Exploring daily life as subject matter, while commenting on the everyday aesthetic of simple human values he focuses on the idea of ‘public space’. By presenting a factual reality, an additional illusion is created to establish a relationship between people and their urban context as active subjects flowing through commanding architecture. Beyond the strength and scale of the urban environment is nature as mood setting light.

Recent Exhibitions

  • Basel
  • Livorno
  • Museum Wiedikon Zurich
  • Museum Hoengg Zurich
  • Solothurn Rothus Gallery
  • Galerie Freska Zurich
  • SKV Dübendorf
  • Rothenburg LU
  • Manor Zurich
  • Bourbaki Luzern
  • Wiediker Kunstausstellung
  • Solothurn Kunstsupermarkt
  • Gallery Palatso Zurich